A Simple Step-By-Step Course to Take You One Step Closer to Financial Freedom!

Learn how to generate guaranteed income of 2-4% per month.

Learn How to Trade Stocks & Options

Options For Income Course

A Course for Beginners - This course has been specifically made with the beginner in mind. It’s simple, yet effective and provides ongoing coaching and support.

Change to Risk Free - You'll not only learn how to generate a consistent income and protect investments but you’ll receive tools that allow you to practise risk free on a virtual trading system.

“Rarely have I done a course and walked away thinking...I can change my life and my families with this knowledge!"

- Jim W.

Online Course with Community Forum and Coaching

  • Learn at your own pace.
  • 30 minutes a day to learn to trade.
  • Supercharged two-day event.
  • Access to coaches & like-minded community.

Safe, Reliable, & Tested Methods

  • Strategies taught have a proven track record.
  • Learn on a safe virtual trading system.
  • 2-4% monthly income guaranteed.
  • Protect stocks up to 95% with our strategies.

The Course Includes:

Interactive eLearning Platform:

With nearly 25 years of stock market investing experience, Greg and Antoni have learned numerous strategies to getting the best cash-flow from investing in the stock market. Their passion is to share this knowledge and empower as many people as possible through Options For All.

Course Workbook:

A downloadable version of the workbook which has been made to compliment the eLearning and assist you at the Two-day Workshop.

Post eLearning Workshop: Online or In-Person

Our complete course is delivered with an additional post eLearning workshop. You have the choice of doing this workshop in-person or online. Both versions reinforce all the material learned in the course and also goes into much more detail. This can only be accessed once the eLearning has been completed and students have an increased skill level after completing the course and virtual trading. In-person Workshops held in Sydney, Australia.

Community Forum:

Regular news and updates. Q&A, Coach and Member interactions via the OFA Members Page.

Our Course is Broken Down into Six Steps Called the Six P's to Passion:







Get a Three-Month Trial of Exclusive Mentoring Membership:

Regular Webinar Conferences:

Join our trading community on our live video sessions where we share best practices, new tools, stock picks and answer any questions that are out there. 

Follow Me Trading:

We are trading the same strategy as we teach and aren't shy to show you exactly what we're doing. View all our trades to reinforce the trading skills you have learned.

Phone Support

Our coaches and mentors will always be a phone call away should you need to speak with one of us regarding your trades.  

Trading Tools:

Stock Comparison Tool, Profitability Tools, and much more.

Direct Access:

Members will have direct access to Greg and Ant.

The Members Love Our Course

Here's why:

Options For Income Course Pricing


Test Drive



Online Workshop




Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident you will love our course and enjoy the learning. However, if you're still unsure about joining, we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee. Try the course risk-free and, if you're not happy with it, ask for a refund within 14-days and we'll refund you in full.

Meet Greg & Antoni

Greg Yelas

With nearly 20 years of stock market investing experience, Greg has learned numerous strategies to getting the best cash-flow from investing in the stock market. His passion is to share this knowledge and empower as many people as possible through Options For All.

Antoni Botica

Also known as All-Out Ant, he's an Ex-Corporate Banker and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. One of those ridiculously passionate and positive people many look sideways at. His passion is to live the best life possible and along the way, help and encourage as many people as he can to do the same.

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