About Us

Our Vision

To share our knowledge and simple strategies to help others live life on their terms and follow their passions.

Our Story

Greg and Antoni are first cousins that were born and grew up in different countries.  

At 20 Greg was given a gift from his father. He paid for him to go to a personal development and stock investment seminar called “Born Rich”, based on the best selling course by Bob Proctor. Greg took action and started investing his money. After some time, he found he had mixed results. Five years later, an opportunity to go to a Robert Kiyosaki seminar opened new doors and insights. He added new skills to his experience and continued to invest in more seminars, books and workshops. He honed his skills and found a way to invest that worked. 

After ten plus years of successful investing and helping several of his close family and friends do the same, Greg taught Antoni. They both knew that this vehicle held amazing opportunities, not only for themselves but for as many people as they could share it with.  

In late 2015 their grandfather became ill and passed away. This was the catalyst that brought them closer together. They realised they had an unfulfilled purpose to teach what they had learnt, in hope that others may also benefit and live fuller and richer lives.  

Who are Greg Yelas & Antoni Botica?

Greg Yelas

With nearly 20 years of stock market investing experience, Greg has learned numerous strategies to getting the best cash-flow from investing in the stock market. His passion is to share this knowledge and empower as many people as possible through Options For All.

Antoni Botica

Known as All-Out Ant, he's an ex-corporate banker, turned lifestyle entrepreneur. One of those ridiculously passionate and positive people many look sideways at. His passion is to empower as many people as possible to live their dreams and live life on their terms.