Learn how to Create Income & Protect Investments with Stocks & Options

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A Course to Teach You how to Take Control of your own Financial Future

Interactive e-Learning Course

Comprehensive Course Workbook

Immersive Two-day Workshop

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Achieve Financial Independence with Options for All

We teach how to do with stocks & options the same things investors do with property and the banks do with term deposits:

  • Generate consistently and guaranteed income from the stocks you own (2-5% per month)
  • Use a portion of that income to buy insurance and protect up to 95% of your stock portfolio.

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“Rarely have I done a course and walked away thinking...I can change my life and my families with this knowledge!"

- Jim W.

Finally a Course That's Simple, Yet Effective! 

For the cost of one semester at University, there is finally a beginner course that teaches you everything you need to know about generating guaranteed income from the stocks you own and how to protect your investment using options. This course is broken down into six easy to learn steps.

  • Interactive e-Learning Course
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook 
  • Immersive Two-day Workshop
  • Safe Virtual Trading System
  • Ongoing Coaching & Support

Options For Income

60-Minute Masterclass

Learn how to generate an instant income of 2-4% each month by using stocks and options.

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